25 September 2006

It's nearly October...mum's (other) birthday

Here is where ibu manis rests in peace (in Melbourne, the other half of the ashes lay next to nenek in Kupang):

Only another 5-6 weeks until M and I will be visiting ibu's family in Kupang, Indonesia.

Life has been busy for me - just came back from a business trip to Singapore and have a lot going on between work, kickboxing, my father and other friends. I am really loving our new place but just wish mum could be here to enjoy it too.

M is taking good care of me and helping me get through my bouts of high's and low's....dad loved all the Tamil CDs that I brought back for him from Little India too!

Well that's about it from me (for now)....

28 July 2006

Aaaaahhh....it's good to be home

10 Home
20 Sweet
30 Go to 10

Pretty funny eh? I saw it on an old episode of Futurama. Gotta love that show. And everyone calls me 'Lady Leila'.

Well, the house move went well. Thanks to family and friends who help M and I out with the shifting, driving and unpacking...the new place is great. I am loving it. Not only am I loving coming home to M at night but I love being able to sit in my own loungeroom and relax...or anywhere in the house for that matter!

I still have some boxes awaiting to be unpacked and because of this, my exercise/meditation room is lagging slightly in it's progress. We also have quite a lot of things to give away to the op. shops because we simply have too much between the two of us to keep it all. The kitchen does not have a lot of storage space hence buying a beautiful, huge Ikea bookcase. We also purchased a Japanese dining table this week which is gorgeous with it's 6 stools rather than chairs or benches.

Meanwhile, dad is flying to Indonesia this Sunday to take half of mum's ashes to Kupang. They are holding a big prayer/memorial service for her next Wednesday. I hope to get to Indonesia in early November to also visit the family and pay my respects. With any luck, M will join me too.

Kickboxing is going very well, just got to watch what I eat a bit more (damn the chef!) as well as incorporating more cardio into my week - perhaps 4-5 times a week instead of the current 2-3 times. With all the challenges that 2006 has brought me, it is proving difficult to get back to my goal weight. Over lunch at work today, we were talking about morbidly obese people like the guy who died in Singapore and needed a permit to dig and be buried into an ultra-deep, ultra-wide grave. I suppose it's a reminder for me not to take my current weight too seriously and just enjoy what I do have. I mean, I am not 300kg. Nor am I my previous 98kg.

In response to me sending a URL of my weight loss transformation to a work colleague, shortly after he shared this quote with me:

I will persist until I succeed. Always will I take another step. If that is of no avail I will take another, and yet another. In truth, one step at a time is not too difficult.... I know that small attempts, repeated, will complete any undertaking.
- Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman in the World

Simple yet valuable words for battling through hard times or achieving a goal.

On that note, be happy. Even if the wolves are biting.

26 June 2006

Grief > Anger > Stress > Depression

They say depression is frozen anger....

Ajarn Brahm also says multi-tasking is the worst for getting stressed in busy situations. That being 'busy' is about your present awareness of mind while doing a task rather than the number of tasks you have to do. So, although I might be busy, I must try to do it with a one-pointed mind ie., not be 'busy'.

But what is this queen of multi-tasking to do??!!

10 June 2006

This place is crazy

Picture this - Chapel Street meets Lygon Street, minus the wogs, add the Maoris...now put them all in the heart of Croydon (okay, so I'll leave Ringwood out of it!). You have Queen Street, Auckland on a Saturday night. In the few hours I was out in that madness, I saw two hummers (one was a limo), over a hundred done-up, loud-exhaust cars including a super-charged Kingswood and Supra, both driving with no bonnet to show off their chrome-laden goods. Add to that way too many mini-skirts and shorts for 4 degree weather, a fair share of bad dress sense and a general lack of 'decorum'. Or perhaps I'm just getting old.

The pearler was watching a van of cops pull up a car full of young kids. The kids were removing cartons of beer from their car and the cops looked on as they were made to empty each and every bottle in the gutter...!! M later said I should have put my hand up and volunteered my 'services' as I am of legal drinking age....hehehehe...

I made a new friend today at the East Day Spa where I had a 1 hour Vedic massage and manicure (I'm sporting sparkly pink nails!) My new friend's name is Ketut and she is from Bali. Ketut had a chance to practise her English, while I had a good chance to practise my Indonesian!!

I started the day off with a ferry trip and tour of Rangitoto Island - a relatively young volcano (600 years old) with it's unique plantlife and terrain. Then moved onto the DFS Galleria where I did some duty free shopping for a few hours, including an Anna Sui/Christian Dior makeup consultation :)

I wish mum were here to join me, but I know she is sharing in all the fun anyhow....

06 June 2006

Aaaah all this fresh air is making me swoon!

The view from the office....

....and I'm only located 15-20 minutes drive from the city (in peak-hour!)

05 June 2006

NZ Pies at the Honey Centre and Breathtaking Views at Sandspit

Well, a half day of work wasn't too bad considering it was also a public holiday today. I managed to drive okay on the roads in both a monster of a luxury car (with no heating) as well as a little gutless Nissan Sunny (didn't they stop making those back in the Datto days?!)....

I've uploaded a stack of photos to an album on Ofoto if you'd like to check 'em out (click on View Photos without signing in so you don't have to sign up for an account).

Full day of work tomorrow and will try to plan the rest of my week in Auckland to get in some shopping, drinking and a day trip. I'm thinking of choosing the wineries trip over the volcano tour because I'd rather do the volcano tour with Michael when he joins me next time.

Perhaps I will also ask my father to join me next time...

Auckland is beautiful

What a beautiful city, apart from some annoying rain it is sunny and the city is so green.

The Mercedes Benz I drove this morning was so white. And so wide. Gotta get used to always giving way to any cars on my right.

The Columbard rooms are tiny but I'm getting used to it. If in future I stay any longer than a week, I would pay for my own place but try to stay in the city. Picked up lots of brochures at the Car Rentals place today and will look into some cool day trips to do on Saturday.

Half day at work today as it is Queen's Birthday public holiday in NZ today. Australia's is next Monday.

Yesterday we visited the Art of Cheese cheese farm and I bought some lovely blue cheese, gouda and camembert. Hopefully I'll be able to bring it back to Melbourne to enjoy with Michael (after I declare it)....

Today I'm off to a honey farm and more touring of this beautiful country side.

03 June 2006

Gotta catch a flight to Auckland

Am getting picked up just before 5am (7am Auckland time so better get used to it) for the flight to Auckland for work.

Dad is doing well, I'm going to swap him a Tamil TV subscription for his Foxtel one :) Won't MK be happy! We now both have a pooja area to pray to and spend time with Ibu Manis...

Apparently the outer world can fit in a small corner of the inner world...I am still just catching glimpses on my journey

02 June 2006

The rollercoaster ride....

It's been how many days since April 19th at 3:15pm?

I've been having more downs than ups recently but yoga and meditation are helping me deal with the grief and anger which builds up inside.

I am off to Auckland this Sunday for work and will be gone until just after the Queen's Birthday weekend. I'll also be taking a couple extra days for myself. Unfortunately I'll be going on my own this time and leaving my boyfriend slaving in a kitchen in Melbourne.