05 June 2006

Auckland is beautiful

What a beautiful city, apart from some annoying rain it is sunny and the city is so green.

The Mercedes Benz I drove this morning was so white. And so wide. Gotta get used to always giving way to any cars on my right.

The Columbard rooms are tiny but I'm getting used to it. If in future I stay any longer than a week, I would pay for my own place but try to stay in the city. Picked up lots of brochures at the Car Rentals place today and will look into some cool day trips to do on Saturday.

Half day at work today as it is Queen's Birthday public holiday in NZ today. Australia's is next Monday.

Yesterday we visited the Art of Cheese cheese farm and I bought some lovely blue cheese, gouda and camembert. Hopefully I'll be able to bring it back to Melbourne to enjoy with Michael (after I declare it)....

Today I'm off to a honey farm and more touring of this beautiful country side.


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