03 May 2007

Back from Amsterdam & London!






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mara - church wrecker said...

just saw your uncensored album online.. glad you had a good time.. looks like so much FUN! salivating over the food.. the CHEESE!!! and the bulbs.. man i have tulips in my livingroom at the moment they are so beautiful.. i think a field of them would knock me the fuck over! bad news on the salvia front.. it's turned yellow and it's dying.. it's produced no more leaves.. i am bringing it inside and hopefully it will respond well but it's halted production for the moment i'm afraid.. i'm tempted to cut the leaves off and propagate the stems and make new plants but don't think they'll strike if they're sick.. poor little baby.. the cold set in too quick for it i think.. it prefers a subtropical climate so i'm putting it in the bathroom where it'll have diffuse light and humidity.. fingers crossed!!! send love to the plant LOVE I TELL YOU! send send send!