02 February 2009

Old and new friends and bloody kids

Caught up with my old uni buddy Trisha over the weekend and her new clan - was great catching up with Jeremy and meeting the little man George but geez it becomes awfully clear why I'm not in a rush to have kids. Kids can be like mutant parasites that eat up your life and your livelihood. But I'm being too harsh on children when there are parents who allow this to happen to them!

I was lucky to have exchanged 15 minutes of conversation with Trish over the entire weekend - our chatting always being cut prematurely because the mutant needed a bath, attention, food, patting....

Made me really admire how Fleurbee raises her two boys - she's kinda tough with them but a damn good mother and always comfortable enough to ignore the little critters too from time to time. After all, they'll work it out on their own eventually.

Trish and Jezz - I hope you move (back) here really soon, I'm sure you'll find Melbourne's kaleidoscope of culture, food and sports a few steps (and decades) ahead of Townsville's....I'm secretly hoping that cyclone swept through last night so you can be stranded in Melbourne for a few extra days! :p

On other exciting news - HermitGirl and I received our pre-sale tickets for Cheech & Chong!!! Woohoo!!